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About Last Night: Fresh Cosmetics Rose Party



To Marylebone last night where Fresh cosmetics hosted an intimate soiree to celebrate the 15th anniversary of it’s rose facemask. I’ve always been interested in this beauty brand, namely because I somehow left a house party in LA with one of their famous oval soaps in my bag, so it was simply a matter of time before the stars aligned and we mysteriously connected again in a candle filled courtyard.  The setting for dinner was enough to make any pinterest girl drool, roses everywhere, on radiators the ceiling, the photo board..kind of wanted to have an american beauty moment photo.

Fresh Rose face mask Jo Radcliffe launch, Marylebone Studios, London - 20 May 2015

With Phoebe Collings-James last night wearing Rag & Bone Dress, All Saints Jacket & #flashtrashgirl jewelry available on depop @myflashtrash

Rose champagne in hand @bertiebrandes and I made our way to see @phoebetbc DJ at possibly the world’s smallest DJ plinth. Fresh has pioneered the use of many natural ingredients in the beauty industry, most notably sugar and it all feels like a very sensual apothecary vibe which is exactly how it started in Boston in 1991.  I’m a huge jasmine fan and their fragrance (below) is really long lasting, I’m also a fan of their dry rice body oil and sugar lychee body lotion. You’ll basically smell like Bali and smelling like a small Indonesian island is not a bad thing. What are your favourite Fresh products? Comment below


Welcome to my favourite hotel in the world


7. MOHKG Fan and Doorman

Peeking out of the Hong Kong shore line, The Mandarin Oriental sits quietly in between the jungle of skyscrapers overlooking the harbour. Humble and elegant this much loved hotel has stood for 50 years in the centre of the metropolis, transporting guests into a sanctuary of both decadence and serenity. (Seriously the feng shui in this building has to been the best in Hong Kong.) Having spent many wonderful moments throughout my child hood in this hotel from  birthday afternoon teas to New Year’s Eves, whilst on a trip to Asia I decided I had to stay. It’s simply my favourite hotel in the world-  here’s 5 reasons why.

  1) Interior Design/ View Game is STRONG- It’s about lounging from the bed to the sofa to the chair. Seriously considering becoming a recluse if it involves staying only in this room forever I’m fine with it. There are also binoculars for when Facebook stalking is boring you.



2)The bathrooms though- We’re talking Hermes amenities and water pressure from heaven.


 3)  Without a doubt the best kept secret swimming pool in Hong Kong


4) You can be up in the gym just working on your fitness

5)  Little touches- obviously the service is out of this world amazing, and the whole team go to great lengths to continuously surprise you.  I loved the welcoming jasmine tea and some champagne didn’t hurt either. Hi bubbles.


Other things that need to be mentioned. The rose petal jam, the florist, the much love cake shop with out of this world custom cakes and of course Pierre- one of the best restaurants in the world, sits on the top floor. Humble like everything else.


61.  MOHKG - Swimming Pool 43.  MOHKG - Man Wah

Visit The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Rooms from £300 a night

Why I don’t wear makeup either CC: @ManRepeller


 Earlier this week Leandra aka @ManRepeller did a post on why she doesn’t wear make up. The post, a re-action to a comment about her appearance accidentally included in an email chain, and a reply to followers on her instagram about why she never ‘makes an effort’ prompted me to write my own response on why I don’t really wear make up either.    

There is nothing more that I love than a black cat eye, but I have lost count of the times I have lost a battle with a liquid eyeliner and as a result been late for a meeting/ not replied to more emails. Most days I am happy with a flick of Benefit mascara and if I’m feeling particularly indulgent, a swipe of Nars Laguna Bronzer. Yes I could get up earlier and dedicate more time to pruning, and the reason why I don’t wear make up is not like Leandra ‘because I am lazy’, but because I simply think I have more important things to do than enhance my face.This probably stems slightly from modelling where you are expected to be fresh faced 24/7, and I partly probably think I can still get away with that new face confidence. Despite the fact I am now 23 not 16- ahem below!

This order of priorities aka work, emails, get dressed, jewellery on, work, emails- is very much the reason why I rarely wore any make up in the first series of Made in Chelsea, whilst other cast members had make up artists or hairdressers over before filming I was in the office and time was ticking- work on myflashtrash.com or get ready to film? The former always won and if you look back on season 1 now my lack of contouring or fake eye lashes is ridiculously evident – shout out to the few twitter haters who commented on this #sorrynotsorry.

Even now as I write this, I am wearing no make up, my hair in a pony tail and I am happy. And that’s all it comes down to, if you want to spend extra time on your appearance and it will make you feel happier then amazing do it, but identifying what truly makes you feel content and confident ( aka hustling and working all day for me!) will maybe reveal that  you don’t need to wear make up. Just like how Breast Cancer Cares new viral #nomakeupselfie campaign did so well, or how wearing nike trainers and lululemon gear around town is becoming more and more mainstream, perhaps a bare face and natural smile will soon become the norm too.

 After all why wear make up when you can wear jewellery? New necklace please! Shop Here

I hosted the #GraziaStyleAwards in Dubai this week and here’s what happened



To Dubai this week, where alongside the lovely Giles Deacon I hosted the Grazia Middle East Fashion Awards! From Sheiks to almond stuffed dates, the last 72 hours have been an onslaught of opulence. Head over to the MYFLASHTRASH blog to find out my top 10 moments!

graziaawardsRolling to the Awards in a Lame Peter Jensen Dress, Pastel Jewellery and Tod’s Heels, with my friend Lounes.

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