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About Last Night: Fresh Cosmetics Rose Party



To Marylebone last night where Fresh cosmetics hosted an intimate soiree to celebrate the 15th anniversary of it’s rose facemask. I’ve always been interested in this beauty brand, namely because I somehow left a house party in LA with one of their famous oval soaps in my bag, so it was simply a matter of time before the stars aligned and we mysteriously connected again in a candle filled courtyard.  The setting for dinner was enough to make any pinterest girl drool, roses everywhere, on radiators the ceiling, the photo board..kind of wanted to have an american beauty moment photo.

Fresh Rose face mask Jo Radcliffe launch, Marylebone Studios, London - 20 May 2015

With Phoebe Collings-James last night wearing Rag & Bone Dress, All Saints Jacket & #flashtrashgirl jewelry available on depop @myflashtrash

Rose champagne in hand @bertiebrandes and I made our way to see @phoebetbc DJ at possibly the world’s smallest DJ plinth. Fresh has pioneered the use of many natural ingredients in the beauty industry, most notably sugar and it all feels like a very sensual apothecary vibe which is exactly how it started in Boston in 1991.  I’m a huge jasmine fan and their fragrance (below) is really long lasting, I’m also a fan of their dry rice body oil and sugar lychee body lotion. You’ll basically smell like Bali and smelling like a small Indonesian island is not a bad thing. What are your favourite Fresh products? Comment below




So excited that my FLASH TRASH GIRL range has landed in Topshop Oxford Circus!! For 1 month only this exclusive range of chains, midi rings and hoop earrings is available in store and online at myflashtrash.com my interview with Topshop below!

Can you sum up Topshop x My Flash Trash Girl in three words?

I can’t even!


What was the inspiration behind the line?

Definitely Spring Breakers and The O.C. Season 1. It’s like sweet Cali high school girl meets Miami chick adventure. That kind of fun summer road trip vibe with some secret diary drama.


Any favourite pieces?

I love all the black matte pieces. My best friend Piers has a cool finger tattoo and it inspired me to update the midi ring with a ’90s grunge vibe.

kiss-2-square (1)

What will you be wearing the collection with?

Im really into crop tops and midi skirts, so I’ll layer on all the fun rings with that!

What can we expect from the pop-up at Oxford Circus?

It’s like an internet meme playground set in California. Gold, black matte, dainty little playful things like mini skate boards, flamingos and whole lot of blah blah blah.


What advice would you give for setting up your own business?

Know your plan will change, be able to adapt to change, be prepared to get up no matter how many times you get knocked down. Persevere and know when to pivot. And finally enjoy it!!

What’s Topshop all about for you?

Topshop is the ultimate fashion fix, every trend under the sun. You know you can walk in and get something that’s going to stand out and look amazing. So Im really excited that our jewellery we be a part of that finishing touch, it definitely will start a conversation.

Shop Topshop x Flash Trash Girl at our Oxford Circus flagship now or online 

This is the best water you will ever drink



Last weekend I found myself in The Dorchester Spa ( above ) a princess wonderland of girliness, everything was a dusty pink or purple and there were pearls EVERYWHERE as curtain ties, door knobs etc, etc. With Lula magazine in hand, and a pair of my own pearls earrings on,  I sat down to wait for my manicure. I couldn’t think how this could possibly get more girly until I came across this jug of water. With roses in it.

rosewater[Leyla Cemal Silver Doublet Ring £45  Me & Zena Talon Midi Ring £14 both at MYFLASHTRASH.COM ]

How nice I thought assuming it would taste like, well. water but NO. It tasted AMAZING. It was sweet and honey like and felt like the kind of thing Aphrodite herself would drink. ‘Excuse me is there honey in this water?’ I asked a smiling massuse. Her kind answer of ‘No’ left me even more amazed. I bought some rose water face toner once in Morocco, and have consumed plenty of jars of The Mandarin Oriental’s rose petal jam and now, in all of it’s romantic glory, roses were quenching my thirst. I don’t know why I am giving this so much attention- maybe I’ve OD’d on coconut water. Either way this is mad delicious and roses have lots of healing properties/health benefits so im going to go and make a jug, maybe make a cocktail, and maybe stop gushing and get back to launching this beautiful new Japanese jewellery brand, BARK, on MYFLASHTRASH.COM


Shop the Cloud Nine Pink Pearl Collection

What if brands made their slogans honest?


Transparency and honesty  have emerged as trends in brand building in the last year, with company’s like Everlanewho are creating greater traceability throughout the supply chain, gaining considerable traction. Instagram has provided a great platform for brands to convey that transparency through images of sketches, workshops and the offices and studios where the people behind the product work. Video uploads in tandem with this are consistently more apparent on my feed from brands, like DollMemories (a Russian apparel company), that uses the feature to show beautiful clips of their illustrator creating incredible drawings.  
As supply chains become more accessible to consumers, Instagram lead businesses are thriving as enterprising individuals capitalize on the network’s unprecedented commerce function.  I’ve seen overwhelming growth in individual jewellery brands who are curating product from wholesalers and branding it (If only I had that marketing tool back when I started My Flash Trash from my dorm room at school! Armed only with wordpress and facebook as a marketing platform) The creative process and manufacturing is getting honest, but what if brand’s slogans became honest too? My top picks from new site honestslogans

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