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Welcome to my favourite hotel in the world


7. MOHKG Fan and Doorman

Peeking out of the Hong Kong shore line, The Mandarin Oriental sits quietly in between the jungle of skyscrapers overlooking the harbour. Humble and elegant this much loved hotel has stood for 50 years in the centre of the metropolis, transporting guests into a sanctuary of both decadence and serenity. (Seriously the feng shui in this building has to been the best in Hong Kong.) Having spent many wonderful moments throughout my child hood in this hotel from  birthday afternoon teas to New Year’s Eves, whilst on a trip to Asia I decided I had to stay. It’s simply my favourite hotel in the world-  here’s 5 reasons why.

  1) Interior Design/ View Game is STRONG- It’s about lounging from the bed to the sofa to the chair. Seriously considering becoming a recluse if it involves staying only in this room forever I’m fine with it. There are also binoculars for when Facebook stalking is boring you.



2)The bathrooms though- We’re talking Hermes amenities and water pressure from heaven.


 3)  Without a doubt the best kept secret swimming pool in Hong Kong


4) You can be up in the gym just working on your fitness

5)  Little touches- obviously the service is out of this world amazing, and the whole team go to great lengths to continuously surprise you.  I loved the welcoming jasmine tea and some champagne didn’t hurt either. Hi bubbles.


Other things that need to be mentioned. The rose petal jam, the florist, the much love cake shop with out of this world custom cakes and of course Pierre- one of the best restaurants in the world, sits on the top floor. Humble like everything else.


61.  MOHKG - Swimming Pool 43.  MOHKG - Man Wah

Visit The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong – Rooms from £300 a night

I went to Dorset this weekend. Here’s what happened



To Dorset this weekend, where in need of a countryside escape, I ventured to the seaside with my friend Alice Casley-Hayford. It was a last minute kind of getaway fuelled by an invitation to Mark Hix’s townhouse in the charming little town of Lime Regis. I love HIX in soho for a night cap in the eccentric bar downstairs, and of course the food is divine, so the decision to get the 3:30pm train on a Friday afternoon to Axminster was a no brainer.  4 hours of jotting through the meadows and green fields of England later, and we arrived to the open door of our local  taxi man Baz, who had quite simply the best Dorset accent of all time. Spirits were high as we giggled at Baz’s jokes poking fun at us, being two stereotypical fashion business girls arriving in full Prada shades, Acne shoes and enough myflashtrash jewellery to personify a vault. As the seaside came into view, the car pulled up at the top of the hill a stones through away from the beach and a chic swinging sign of 3 familiar capital letters welcomed us to a town house enclave of eccentric London chic.

The converted town house features 8 unique suites each with a subtle theme from hunting to fishing and sailing and a communal kitchen, though with a supper booked in at the fish house and an INCREDIBLE Breakfast hamper brought to your door, we weren’t sure we’d have time to raid the cupboards.



A quick change into a florence bridge dress later and we were off venturing down the cliffs, to a wind that was quite bracing to take in the beautifully grey coastline of Britain. As Alice and I tried and failed miserably to quote anything from Thomas Hardy, we decided our philosophical chat would be better fuelled after a few gin and tonics so to The Royal Standard for more peculiar stares by the locals.


A few lolz with some fishermen later and we were up at the part glass, part sweet little wooden cabin that is HIX Fish House. With obviously the most incredible views of the sea, the restaurant was pleasantly packed, one of those places where its really busy ( every table booked up for weeks, months even) but not jam-packed full aka we could heAR ourselves talk / weren’t bashed around by other peoples chairs. Anyway enough room chat more FOOD, for starters we had steamed local asparagus, for my main I had dover sole and to finish cocktails.

[Gold Love Ship Ring £120]
[Alice menu pondering with her hamsa necklace ]

 Im not going to lavishly give my opinion on each dish as i’m not a food critic, all I can say is that it was out of this world delicious. I mean the hollandaise sauce alone was the most supreme i’ve ever had, and I definitely secretly stole some of Alice’s monk fish butternut squash curry which was as good if not better than my melt in the mouth fish. I mean I can’t even..So to bed with blissfully satisfied stomachs and only the teenist bit of excitement for what goodies we might find in our breakfast hamper. You’ll simply have to go to find out, and to stroll down to the beach for an ice cream and to raid the local crystal shop (my mild obsession with crystals has been fulled further by our latest myflashtrash designer delilah dust jewellery) and to feel that rejuvenated, clear minded spirit when you board the train back to London full of seaside energy and new ideas.


 [Ship in a bottle necklace £115, Lobster Love Heart Necklace £190]

Visit The Hix Town House, Rooms from £120 a night

I hosted the #GraziaStyleAwards in Dubai this week and here’s what happened



To Dubai this week, where alongside the lovely Giles Deacon I hosted the Grazia Middle East Fashion Awards! From Sheiks to almond stuffed dates, the last 72 hours have been an onslaught of opulence. Head over to the MYFLASHTRASH blog to find out my top 10 moments!

graziaawardsRolling to the Awards in a Lame Peter Jensen Dress, Pastel Jewellery and Tod’s Heels, with my friend Lounes.

SHOP my Dubai wardrobe! Feat. lots of gold stacking rings

5 Great Reads to Inspire You This 2014


I’ve always believed that Christmas is the only time of year you can really switch off. People all over the world are genuinely not at work, that red Blackberry light isn’t flashing and you’re not rushing to and from meetings. Whilst I’ll be watching myflashtrash.com like a hawk, this is one of the few times in the year that, wherever you are in your career, you’re free of the micro day to day tasks giving you the time to really think macro. Where is your business going in 2014? What are you own personal goals? Write down your plans and let the sky be the limit. With determination and a to-do list nothing is impossible. So in between the turkey and the wrapping paper, why not use the holidays as a time to get off your laptop and into a thought provoking book? Here’s my top eight reads to get you inspired for 2014.
1. The Everything Store – Winner of the 2013 FT & Goldman Sachs Business Book Of The Year Award- this definitive biography by Brad Stone charts the birth and rise of Amazon.com 
2. The Greatness Guide – Robin Sharma of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari fame, packs another powerful motivational punch with this clever little hand book. Split into short chapters (lessons) you’ll be revved up with inspiration before you know it.  
3. Nassim Nicholas Taleb – an author, trader and mathematics professor examines what randomness means in business and life and the role of dumb luck in most human success.   
4. Man’s Search For Meaning – A physcatricst’s account of surviving the Holocaust. Deeply moving and insightful, a powerful book that sheds light on a human’s true strength of character and ability to survive through the most challenging of struggles. One to sense check the reality of your issues and drive you forward.   
5. Thinking Fast & Slow – This cult book will challenge you to disrupt the way you think. Giving you practical techniques to make better decisions, full of self-help value and intellectual surprises. A must read.  
6. The Happiness Hypothesis – What will really make you happy in 2014? Love, money, success? Psychologist Jonathan Haidt challenges the norms.  
7. The Meaning of Things – I’m always challenging my team to be more observational because the unconsidered life, as Socrates put it, is not worth living. AC Grayling’s books are always enlightening and this one, in particular, is an invaluable lesson about what’s truly important in life.  
8. The Social Animal –  I believe deeply in the will power of the unconscious mind and this best-seller delves into the curious power of the mind and our ability to dictate our own success.

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