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My Day On A Plate



The weekends are always a pretty indulgent time. Lie-ins, ice cream, spending a signifcant amount of time in Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas. Yes my friend Avigail and I skipped a gym class and had blueberry muffins instead, and my dinner on Saturday night may have consisted of popcorn and pick’n’mix at the cinema, but normally I’m really quite healthy. ‘I’ve been eating whatever I want whenever I want for the last month‘ I said to Alexandra from MARFA journal over coffee today. ‘More like we’ve been eating whatever we want when we want for the last 24 years!‘ she replied. Exactly, because whilst green juice is great, what’s life without chocolate buttons?


wake up and eat bircher museli made the night before (soak oats in yoghurt with almond milk and add chia seeds, flaked almonds, blueberries and sliced apples) make a big cafetiere of coffee from pact.

(30 min walk to office)


jasmine tea apple and nakd raw food bar


2 slices of toasted rye bread with ham, cheese and tomato, spinach salad and vegetable crisps. tea.

( hour long walk to and from meetings)


coffee, kinder bueno


spin class + cold press Plenish green juice

(30 min walk home from gym)


roast vegetables (leek broccoli, onion, carrots, parsnips sweet potatoe) with roast chicken breast


Coconut Collaborative frozen yoghurt with pineapple and coconut flakes.


frozen grapes & strawberries = my fave new snack xoxox

Have you tried this cake yet? #LFW @Aubaine_UK


I love french restaurant group Aubaine, so when they asked me to collab with them on a limited edition fashion week cake I was like obviously yes, please, thank you, awesome! It was difficult at first..so many cake visions flashing before my eyes.

<p>chelzillapeacock:<br />
fuckinnn YUM<br />
how da fuck is this possible<br />

I mean there was just not enough cake in my life..

So it started with tasting and ideas. I was first thinking a raw food cake, then a friend pointed out no thats wrong and silly. ( Sorry Planet Organic, I still love you) so then it had to be chocolate. But with a kind of light fruity edge. So then the Aubaine chef says in a french accent ‘Passionfruit oui?’ passionfruit- obviously! So enter the flourless, chocolate, passionfruit cake! Complete with crystal diamonds ( owning a jewellery e-commerce company and all i had to get some embellishment in there somewhere!)  this light humble, slab of deliciousness you need to try once in your life!


Amber Atherton’s MYFLASHTRASH.COM #LFW Aubaine cake is available at Aubaine Restaurants now.

Skinny Sunday: 75kcal Raw Raspberry Tart!



I started making raw food dishes a couple of years ago in Hong Kong and this raspberry tart is one of my favourites! Packed full of omega, protein and vitamins this delicious treat is a sin- free sweet fix ,perfect for dessert!  Why eat raw food?  I find when I’m running around all week from the office to a meeting or an event, eating raw helps keeps my energy high and my mind clear why not try it one day a week?

rawfoodsummerskinnydietskinnydessertOnce the fruit is blended slightly, put it in a bowl in the fridge. Start on the base, pour the base ingredients into a blender and  spoon out into a cake tin. Once the cake tin is covered in the biscuit like base, put in the freezer for 2 hours before pouring in the filling! Decorate with grapes or other fruit and enjoy! 



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The Business Behind Ben and Jerry’s


Ice cream is one of the most talked about things by women on social media, and with over 6 million fans on Facebook, Ben & Jerry’s is positioned as the third most popular ice cream brand in the UK ( after Cornetto & Magnum). From Cookie Dough to Chunky Monkey, we’ve all got a favourite B&J flavour, and it was earlier this week when I found myself having a cosy night in with a mini tub of Chocolate Fudge Brownie that I wanted to find out more about this charming ice cream monopoly!

Founded by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield back in 1978, B & J is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever, (which also counts Cornetto and Magnum in its stable.) Last year the UK ice cream category posted 9% growth according to a Euro Monitor report, but how did B&J come to be a dominant player in the market? And what lessons can entrepreuners learn from their journey?

 Ice cream graphics


 Ben and Jerry had no idea what they wanted to do with their lives, after pin pointing a passion for food, they chose to learn how to make and manufacture ice cream after finding bagel catering equipment was too expensive. They then went around every college campus in the US to find one that didn’t have an ice cream parlour: South Burlington, Vermont.

Ice cream graphics


Whilst B&J had fun running their one Vermont store, they were barely breaking even- it was only when Ben decided to carton up ice cream for local grocery stores and restaurants did the business really begin to scale. Diversifying their revenue streams led to recognition outside of just 1 state.

Ice cream graphics


From putting on events in winter to drive ice cream sales, to free ice cream for all locals after their first year in business. B&J knew the value of customer loyalty from day 1. Thus when they were ready to scale they shunned VC money and went for a localised stock offering, selling each share at $10.5 with a minimum buy of 12 shares.

Ice cream graphics


Ben and Jerry were heavily involved in political activism and supporting local community. From working with ex-convicts to brining children’s basic needs to the top of the national agenda, B & J believed from the outset that business should not just make a profit but profit man kind. Their value led proposition led the way for corporate social responsibility.

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