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Martini Celebrates 150 years!


To Lake Como this week for the 150th Anniversary Party of iconic drinks brand MARTINI. Hopping on the plane with RedCarpetFashionAward’s Catherine and Nik Thaker, we got talking about the art of packing- now I’d like to say I neatly packed a small LV holdall the night before, but in reality it was an early morning dash to City Airport as I threw in some Terry De Havilands, Florence Bridge Dresses, Olivia Von Halle PJs, a stack of new Flash Trash Girl rings and grabbed Thinking Fast & Slow on the way out the door.

Arriving into Milan in the madness of Fashion Week, we collided with Mark Ronson and co in the airport before we all set off to the hotel. A quick check in to The Boscolo and we were out to Trussardi Cafe for Lunch which turned into wine and deep discussions on social media traffic, engagement and brand awareness which promptly left 30 minutes to get ready. A few work emails and a skype call was balanced with some speedy application of NARS tinted moisturiser and this amazing new Lancome Eye Palette before we drove off to Villa D’Este, where the international party Martini had prepared was like the most glam thing EVER.  A huge red carpet led us to the illuminated villa, with Martini racing cars lined up outside and waiters with huge goblets of Martini Royale waiting for us. Inside and the global mesh of the drinking world elite were in full partying swing, delicious canapés floated around , and as we dived into the decadence , Fitzgerald was on my mind…

 “And I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”- The Great Gatsby

Rosie arrived looking killer in a red dress with uber publicist Liz Matthews by her side mega babing in a Stella skirt. As we chatted dachsunds and jewellery in the corner, Lily Allen took to the stage performing 3 pitch perfect songs in her signature London style and just being her incredibly charming, funny self.  Mark Ronson then took to the decks, and our little Brit enclave went wild, dancing all night to a perfect mash up of hip-hop & electro pop. It was literally The Business International as representatives from almost every country in the world came down to get their chic on. 

 Only the most glamorous Italian drink, could have thrown such a blow out party. Thank you Martini for a hedonistic night of adventure. Now it’s back to all things Mashable & @MYFLASHTRASH as we hit #LONDONFASHIONWEEKEND got your tickets?

The 5 Best Swimming Pools in The World


I write from the Boscolo in Milan, a stunning boutique hotel that has amongst other things, one of the best hotel pools I’ve ever swam in. Goggles are embarrassingly, always the first thing I pack, part of my secret search for the best swimming pools in the world, but here are my Top 5 so far….Don’t forget your bikini!

1. The W Hotel Seoul. Over Looking South Korea’s Capital this Pool is perched on the top floor with its own outdoor ‘urban beach’ surrounding it.

2. The Bvlgari Hotel Bali. This tranquil infinity pool is the epitome of serenity.

3. The Boscolo Hotel Milan. Warm salt water sci-fi pool kind of trippy kind of relaxing.

 4. The Delano Hotel Miami- Float around on a lilo in this pool in the day and wicked pool parties by night.

5. Sky High Decadence at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. Perfect for Megalomaniacs.

On Selfies & Self-Portraits


To Ryder Street last night for the ‘Viva London: Self Portraits’ exhibition hosted by Harper’s Bazaar.  An intimate gallery of photographs, paintings and drawings, individually pictured the talented young women the agency represents in the most honest way.

 [Olympia Campbell, Edie Campbell, Amber Atherton]

Self-portraiture as a style came to popularity in the Early Renaissance, with increased wealth and interest in the individual as a subject. The form seems more relevant than ever in our ‘Selfie’ culture, as we increasingly spend more time isolated on digital platforms we become our own subject for self-expression.  Frida Kahlo ( below) is most famous for her self-portraits, indeed of her 143 paintings, 55 are self-portraits which often incorporate symbolic portrayals of physical and psychological wounds. She insisted….

 “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

Last night I wore this lovely Peter Jensen dress, his s’s13 collection was shown in a gallery and in a extract from Interview magazine he weighs in on the relationship between fashion and art….  ‘I always think it’s pretentious when designers talk about what they do as art. I think when I was studying in the late ’90s, the two got much closer: all the designers wanted to be artists and the artists wanted to be fashion designers; the designers wanted to be conceptual and highbrow and the artists more pop culture.‘ 




3 Reasons Why You Should Doubt Yourself



Famous for her incisive photomontages, artist Barbara Kruger has always turned my head. From her most recognisable piece ”I shop therefore I am” her work often addresses the conflicting perceptions of democracy, power, and belief in society. Kruger says she’s “interested in introducing doubt.” I take this statement as a positive- one should…

 1) Doubt your peers vision of normality 2) Doubt your teacher’s vision for your future 3) Doubt your own notion of what you think you can achieve.

Because whilst we are all prone to that feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction, in reality

doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. 


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